BELIEVING DEEPLY IN the power of beauty to evangelize culture, Jimmy Mitchell’s gifts of storytelling and piano-playing have brought him to every corner of the world. On top of being the founder of Love Good, he’s the director of campus ministry at Jesuit High School in Tampa, FL, which has repeatedly made national news for its growing culture of conversion.

Between his undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt and his masters in moral theology, Jimmy has always enjoyed the cross section between faith, artistry, and entrepreneurship. Whether he’s mentoring young people in virtue or interviewing award-winning artists in his studio, he loves nothing more than helping others fall in love with God.


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1. Let Beauty Speak: The Art of Being Human in a Culture of Noise

In a culture of noise that casts aside truth and goodness, beauty is the last-standing transcendental. Whether you’re encountering a blood-orange sunset or the world’s finest symphony, beauty breaks through the noise and powerfully reminds you what it means to be human. This talk helps you understand the Church’s way of beauty and empowers you to turn it into a way of life that evangelizes culture.

2. Wear the Pants: Reclaiming Manhood in a Fatherless World

How do you grow into your full potential as a man, even if you’ve grown up without a solid father figure? Furthermore, how do you become an effective mentor in the lives of others? Whether you’re married with kids or a freshman in college, you are called to spiritual fatherhood. This talk empowers you to reclaim that essential truth and discern your own unique calling as a man.

3. Wounded by Love: Understanding Salvation from Creation to the Cross

It’s easy to go to church regularly without personalizing the Gospel or letting it change your life. How do you embrace each truth of salvation history from Creation to the Cross? How do preach the Gospel with your life? This talk dives into the full story of God’s love affair with humanity and inspires you to connect the dots with the most ordinary circumstances of your life.

4. Be Those Saints: How to Become Agents of Renewal in Times of Crisis

There’s no doubt that we’re living in a time of crisis for both the Church and the culture at large. Down through the centuries, the saints have always been the great agents of renewal in similar times of crisis. This talk explores the lives of several great saints and proposes practical ways that we can be those saints in these times and rise up as agents of renewal amidst crisis. 

5. Reclaiming Your Sacramental Imagination in a World Without Wonder

G.K. Chesterton once claimed that God “has the eternal appetite of infancy; for we have sinned and grown old, and our Father is younger than we.” Sadly, all of us grow old in our sin as we leave behind the innocence of youth and the purity of child-like faith. This talk explores what it means to see the world with a sacramental imagination and inspires you to become young again with the gift of wonder.